Nathan, a sweet natured, good looking 17 year old with artistic flair has no idea either how gracious and gorgeous he is or how much someone else adores him.

It's no run of the mill someone else either, but the most popular boy in the school. Guarding his own secret longing for Alex is pure torture, until one night, one special, special night, when everything changes for good.

This is a story about discovering love, knowing what you want and holding on to it,no matter what.

With an almost heart breaking twist in the middle, this is the ultimate feel good love story.


About the Author

A M Cridland is a keen artist having studied first year Art in Cambridge and an English graduate with a love of baking. She grew
up in Oxfordshire and went to school
in the Cotswolds.

She spent many a summer running through fields with her dogs, horse riding and building dens in the garden with her brother, letting her imagination take solid hold. This was to stand her in great stead for the writing fever that gripped her at the tender age of 11.

Throughout her childhood and teens A M Cridland travelled extensively and got bitten by the cycling and running bug. In her spare time she raises money for charities by taking part in short runs and long bike marathons!

She was briefly a hand model as well as sitting as an artists muse. Nathan and Alex
is her first book and the first chapter in the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. 

Nathan and Alex by A M Cridland


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First Chapter Excerpt

Nathan and Alex is a fictional novel available in paperback or as E-book editions from Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords. It is also available in
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Published 30/07/2012

Publisher  Marius Publishing

ISBN  9780957332409

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“A book to read again and again”

“I couldn’t put down my Kindle and missed my tube stop”


“A brilliant, compelling, sexy, complex book that I just could not put down”

“The next Fifty Shades....for the gay world”



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